English language skills are key to the maritime sector as English is the universally accepted language that multi-national crews must understand to work together effectively. With increasing regulations within the maritime industry, the Marlins English Test has become a vital part for the employment procedure in the international market. Ryan Ship Management Pvt Ltd (INDIA) is a Marlins Approved Test Centre based in Mumbai which also conducts remote Marlins Test’s worldwide.

We offer the following Marlins English Tests:

  • ISF Marlins English Language Test for seafarers.
  • Marlins English Language Test for offshore workers.
  • Marlins English Language Test for cruise ship staff.

ATC Test Schedule: Monday to Friday (10am to 5pm)
Remote Marlins Test Schedule: 7 Days a week

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+91 887 964 1806 / +91 887 964 1814
Marlins Approved Test Centre

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