‘Ultimate in Excellence’, is our management philosophy which flows from this promise to our clients. RYAN GROUP is a global organization involved in crew management of offshore vessels. We have expanded to have a global presence and become a world leader in our sector. Our expertise is vast and recognised within the wider shipping community. Our key expertise is in managing crews and vessels globally operating in oil fields and under all major oil companies. Our clients are reassured that we can manage crew in the most difficult areas of operations. Our proficiency provides clients with a rich and diversified experience in a comprehensive & cost-effective range of maritime solutions. We offer cost-effective and complete project management from start to finish as driven by the client’s requirements. 200 years of combined experience in maritime management gives us an eye for our premium clients’ real needs, & we are well set to maintain our leading position in a changing market. We take a hands-on approach in dealing with every aspect of our clients’ maritime projects. We are results-driven, realistic and ready to share risk, and clients value our transparent and open working style and culture.


RYAN GROUP is a global organization involved in crew management of offshore vessels/units worldwide, including Saudi Arabia (ARAMCO), West Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, Asia and the Far East, and Australia. We recruit national & international crew. RYAN GROUP provides tailored & cost-effective services for both Offshore & Non-Offshore Vessels. Our operations management services include:

Seafarers are key assets for any recruiting/manning agencies. We make sure all services we provide are as per industry compliance standards and endeavour to headhunt top class seafarers for our business clients.

RYAN GROUP has extensive databases and we are able to provide crew as per client requirement 24/7. We also supply full or partial crew for our clients’ vessels as per their needs whom they can manage under their contract or we manage on their behalf. Our services in this respect include crew change planning, courses, and other services as required by Charters.

  • Supplying & managing Port Capt. , Port Eng & Superintendent
  • Handling Port Agents
  • Supplying & managing Diving/ROV team
  • Assisting in Technical Management
  • Fuel supply calculation & procurements arrangements
  • Processing of bills of lading
  • Voyage progress & finalisation
  • Loading/unloading sequence
We process all types of visa as per Client requirements.
We take full travel responsibility of the Crew from their door to your vessel.
Accommodation requirements are managed under our travel and logistics services that we provide.

Training Courses for Crew are scheduled prior/after reaching their joining destination as per Client requests. We also operate as Marlins English Test Centre. With capability of remote marlins tests and carrying out company Safety & policy induction by remote system to each and every crew anywhere in the world

RYAN GROUP is fully certified as per international Maritime Law

  • RPSL
  • MLC 2006
  • ISO 9001:2008


Head hunting & supply of all designations of personnel. RYAN GROUP offers effective shore based management for Clients.

Marine Department Technical Department Finance Department Commercial Department


We at RYAN GROUP are engaged in sale, purchase and delivery of vessels on worldwide basis. Vessel delivery is carried out under our Total Management services, including handling of all class, flag, and sale and purchase issues. The sale and purchase of ships is one of the important aspects of the shipping industry. We have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in this capacity, such as in-depth knowledge of ship types and function, international legal knowledge as well as professional dealing and bargaining skills. We have full understanding of the flag state rules and regulations for registering a flag in any country, and ensure that port states regulations, classification societies and ISM regulations are strictly followed.


Our payroll management services form a crucial part of crew management. We offer solutions that offers clients flexibility and enables companies to monitor and organize payroll processing, accounting and cost control for ultimate efficiency.

  • Maintenance of a computed payroll system.
  • Monthly payroll as required and the calculation and processing of all payroll activities.
  • Administration of contributions in respect of employer’s pension.
  • Submission of Payroll Reports and Statements of Wages to the employing company.
  • Production and issue of payslips.
  • Communication with tax authorities, pension scheme administrators etc. and the completion and submission of all applicable monthly/annual forms/returns on behalf of the employing company.


RYAN GROUP provides offshore catering and housekeeping services to various shipping and oil exploration companies.  This includes operating and managing crews on contract basis at the client premises such as offshore barges, rigs, platforms, diving vessels and all other offshore vessel types.

  • Offshore & Onshore catering services.
  • Catering crew supply and management.
  • Supply of food and cabin supply.
  • Running inventory of provisions.
  • Selection of ship chandler – according to location of ship.
  • Fixed cost on-board victualing management.
  • Maintenance with the catering equipment: mess room, galley, dry stores, deep freeze store, and deck freeze container.
  • Wastage control.
  • Preparation of food & dining facilities.
  • Serving all meals.
  • Provision of catering equipment.
  • Provision of catering personnel.
  • Ship handling.
  • Maintenance of housekeeping equipment and storage: Laundry, Chemical store.
  • Conduct hygiene audit to ensure health and safety standards are maintained.
  • Daily cleaning
  • Room service & cleaning
  • Cleaning of food store rooms, service rooms, cold rooms etc.
  • Cleaning Officers cabins and clients’ cabins, with special attention to the Captain’s Cabin.
  • Cleaning of officers/engineers/clients toilets and common toilets.
  • Cleaning of accommodation and internal alleyways, bulkheads and stairwells.
  • Laundry Services – cleaning and ironing of all linens and clothes.


RYAN SHIP MANAGEMENT specializes in obtaining seafarer flag state documents. We act on behalf of Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Crew Manning Agencies and Consultants.

We process the following Flag State Documents:

  • Panama
  • Liberia
  • Vanuatu
  • Marshall Islands
  • Saint Vincent & Grenadines
  • Bahamas
  • Cyprus
  • Other Flag of convenience can also be arranged


RYAN GROUP has a long history of providing world-class consultancy services to Ship Owners, Operators and Managers.  Our consultancy services aim to improve personnel and operational safety and efficiency (operational and maintenance) on-board their vessels.  Services are offered to all types of vessels – in particular to Oil Tankers (ULCC, VLCC and Product Tankers), Gas Tankers, OBO, Cellular Container Vessels, Car Carriers and General Cargo Vessels.

  • Superintendence of vessels, safety, training and more to suit the clients’ needs.
  • Preparing ship security plans for vessels under ISPS code.
  • Vessel audits (to cover personnel & operational safety, shipboard management and compliance with ISM).
  • Port Captaincy (attend vessels in port to expedite cargo operations, assist vessel’s crew, monitor and report on vessel’s performance to client and carry out personnel & operational safety audit of vessel).
  • Personnel & operational safety training (to vessel’s staff).
  • Pre-vetting of tankers to highlight any areas of concern.
  • Vetting of tankers for oil companies.
  • Annual vessel inspections for P&I Clubs (condition surveys – our thorough inspection will highlight any areas of concern and suggest corrective actions required).
  • Annual vessel inspections for banks and financiers.
  • Annual flag state inspection.
  • Preparing safety and operational checklists for vessels.
  • Accident investigation for flag state and P&I Clubs.
  • Draft surveys.
  • On/off hire surveys.


RYAN GROUP is well connected in Insurance Market to obtain Insurance products as below

  • Hull and machinery
  • Loss of hire
  • Protection and indemnity (P&I)
  • War risk
  • Kidnap and ransom for ship
  • Cargo insurance
  • Pollution insurance
  • Personal accident and death insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Marine crew insurance

We ensure our clients have top quality risk mitigation strategies aimed to reduce the risk related to the acquisition, construction and the operations of vessels.  We act on clients’ behalf in receiving, handling, negotiating, arbitrating and settling any disputes and claims, working closely with P&I Club, legal advisor and insurance brokers. We prepare a tailor made service which consists of advice or services in respect of claims for compensation, restitution, repayment or any other remedy for loss or damage, or in respect of some other obligation.

We also provide support for defining parties and designations, information requirement ordering and follow-up, claim and benefit calculations and adjustments, and quality checking and approval.

As part of our Claims Management, we support for all claim types in a single system which provides companies with the opportunity to improve productivity, reduce training time and access consolidated claims data for increased management reporting and fraud detection.

We are experienced in providing loss prevention solutions to protect the assets of marine, comprehensive marine hull & machinery insurance for all types of vessel trips and tow approvals, hull damage surveys and loss prevention surveys.   Loss prevention is of critical significance to keep the operation claims free and to minimize loss. We work closely with our insured customers through counselling and different loss preventive measures based on their needs.


  • Remote training and induction facilities.
  • HSE
  • Business travel.
  • Statutory management.
  • Vessel delivery service.
  • Assistance in port state control.
  • Vessel Surveys / Audits
  • Risk Management
  • Vetting
  • Dry-docking / Repairs
  • Brokerage
  • Asset Management
  • Technical Management
  • Management of Marine Spares & Store Supply
  • Management of Ships Agency